About Us

Honor. Start. Celebrate. Support. 


Traditions. They're everywhere. They all tell a story, whether connecting our past or shaping our future.

Some traditions are fun filled affairs. Others a sense of service, a call to duty.

Others remind us of the sacrifices some make so that we can live our lives and chase our dreams.  

We started The Tradition Shirt Company not only as a way to honor, celebrate and remember our story - our Traditions - but a way to start new ones and pay it forward.

To get started, fill out the form below and email us your artwork/design to TradShirtCo@gmail.com. Once we receive your information, we'll get back to you with a proof, pricing and get your Collection all set up!

Design Studio
We're finishing up our design studio, and once launched, you'll be able to choose from one of our stock designs (or upload your own), add names, get a proof and pay, all online in minutes! 

A portion of the proceeds from each item sold from a Tradition Shirt Co. collection is paid forward. Check the collection or item to see who, or choose from the dropdown when you order or checkout.

Together we can help as many people as possible by supporting those who selflessly put it all on the line for us, each and every day, and honoring and remembering those that came before us and gave so much so we could have so much more.

Thanks so much!

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