Traditions are part of who we are. From cultural and social to a call to duty, they all tell a story.
Our Story.

Where The Money Goes ...

Our goal - our Mission - is twofold:
          1. To keep our Traditions alive, to tell our individual stories and pass them on to future generations.
          2. To Honor, Remember and Support those who followed in their ancestors footprints, honoring a call to duty and the sacrifices required.

And most importantly, supporting the Missions of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for answering The Call. 

All money raised directly benefits the individual Soldier's non-profit (see below).

Each of the non-profits listed below are registered 501(c)3 organizations. Please visit the individual sites for additional information.

"The 13" Non - Profits

"The 13 Campaign Impact"

Taylor Hoover Memorial Organization

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all proceeds will be used to provide scholarships for students, assistance to our veterans, support for animals and other causes.

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Hunter Lopez Memorial Foundation

NonProfit 501(c)(3), the Hunter Lopez Memorial Foundation helps those who protect and serve our country. 

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Rylee McCollum Daughter's Educational Fund

This is a fund specifically dedicated to the education and upbringing of Marine Rylee McCollum's child who is expected for September. His sacrifice at HKIA to protect the lives of those who cannot themselves will not be forgotten.

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Cpl Daegan Page Foundation

Mission Statement:
Demonstrate that love never ends through the commitment to support past and present service members, the communities that surround them, and the loved ones of those whom we will never forget.

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The Freedom 13 Organization

A Simple Mission:
Remembering The Heroes That Made The Ultimate Sacrifice by Supporting The Veterans Still With Us

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HM3 Maxton Soviak Memorial Foundation

The Corpsman Maxton W Soviak Memorial Foundation provides Veterans and their family’s with adventure, experiences and resources to Live Life to the MAX!

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Non - Profits

Flags of The Fallen hand builds custom flags to honor, remember and memorialize every Fallen military hero and first responder who has made the ultimate sacrifice. Learn more ...

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From its inception in 2016, Camp4Heroes, a lakeview camp and retreat center, has made great trides to promote healing for our Disabled Veterans and First Responders. Learn more ...

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